221b con request

guys, if you were at any of the maiwand/class gap sessions i did, and you and i don’t currently have a mutual follow and you’d like there to be one, plz plz just drop me an ask, because none of you will ever understand what you did for me, and i dearly want to preserve as much of that experience as i can.

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    I heard it was happening and didn’t actually make it there. :( That and not getting time with all of the people at the...
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    I AM SAD NOW I’ll just have to reread Bravo Baker or something. But Nova Prospekt. And In Name Only. WHYYYYYYYYYYYY
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    BEST LECTURE EVER! I was just talking with Winter about it!
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  7. bibliomancer7 said: I only wish I’d been there for either of those, but I at least wanted to thank you for answering my question about IDEN! (I was that ignorant person at the second canon panel.)
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  9. gaffertapeandhope said: I’m kind-of ridiculously sad I missed one of these. (I was the girl on Friday morning sitting in the lobby wearing the t-shirt with the Union Flag made of TARDISes.)
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    Boosting because if you did hear it, you know you want to follow, and if you didn’t, you missed one of the hottest...
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    Signal BOOOST!! abundantlyqueer took me to SCHOOL and I LOVED it! Brainy is the new sexy and this bitch is HOT
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  14. neenya said: i love you, man.
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