mojoflower said: About the hair: if you want to make a bigger (sensual) deal out of it, it’d be better later, when Sherlock can do it. :)

believe me, it did occur to me. but it seems really ooc to me that sherlock would do that, in a situation that wasn’t parallel to the ttobb crisis where john cuts sherlock’s hair. sherlock, in london, with no one’s life on the line, would insist on john going to the high end place that sherlock uses, and spend an hour and a hundred and twenty quid getting a haircut that’s almost indistinguishable from a military crop, except for the fact that it makes john look six inches taller and two field promotions higher in rank.

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    You know, if you can work that bit in, the whole 120 quid, six inches taller, that’d be great. (Your readers would...
  2. persian-slipper said: And it wouldn’t be because Sherlock thinks he’s hot like that, oh no… ;)
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